We are proceeding with the development of the CV Childhood Intervention Trust.
We will shortly set up the company and apply for charitable and deductible gift status.
Although it is still very early days, we share the short overview below:

CV Childhood Intervention Trust

We may not always see their smiling faces or hear them laugh, but you will know that the funds we provide will be frugally distributed to best practice and innovative intervention programs.
Funding will take many children of all ages from the depths of sorrow, isolation and hardship to the point where they can develop a well-defined path to a life of confidence.
They are children coming from broken homes, victims of domestic violence and poverty; most with a horrible feeling of hopelessness.
The programs we support will identify vulnerable, socially isolated children and work with them to give these individuals a new outlook on life.
By identifying and addressing the problems as early as possible, costs remain relatively low. Without supporting these programs, many children will become a burden on our society and eventually cost communities much more through welfare, mental health detention and prison.
It is far better to spend a little now and help these children while it is not too late and not as costly.
Founded by members of the Rotary Club of Coomera Valley with access to Rotary members worldwide, the program is destined to become a significant movement and one that will undertake great change for the children of local communities worldwide.
Draft documents are also available outlining the framework of the trust and constitution. If you are interested I'd be happy to forward these.