Welcome to Rotary Year 2016-2017................ "Rotary Serving Humanity".  
Our Change-Over on the 9th July what a great night, two Paul Harris Fellow's awarded......Susan Martienz: Oxenford & Coomera Community Youth Centre and One of our Own, Kerry Dunn.  Both well deserving recipients.  Thank you to all who stepped up as Board Members for this Rotary Year, your help, support and assistance I very much appreciate.  Thanks to Debbie and her Staff from the Tavern who as always, served an excellent meal.  I would like to thank PDG Douglas Geekie and his wife Suzanne for their attendance and Douglas's response to the 'Toast to Rotary International' ably presented by PP Des Lacy.  Thank you to PP Tony Lines showing his talent as an excellent MC.  Heartfelt thanks to Jane Padden who prepared the Table Decorations.  They were amazing and certainly Rotary themed.  Thanks also to Shirley Stamford for procuring the thank you gifts for Suzanne Geekie and Mareece McElhinney.  Our major Raffle Prize;  thanks goes to Tony Lines and Management from the Four Theme Parks for their generosity and willingness to donate.
Monday 18th July:  Andy Rajopake, District Director for Membership, PR, Media held our attention listening to his excellent presentation on membership, retention, mentoring, lively meetings and the upcoming 'All Queensland Multi District Membership and PR Summit being held on Sunday 21st. August.  His enthusiasm is catching and I am sure we all came away with many new ideas.
Monday 1st. August:  DG Michael Irving and Roz visited us.  Michael had us in fits of laughter showing off the various head-wear he had been presented with from early Club visits....even Roz was presented with a small Tara.  Our AG Lea Rickwood also attended and I am sure we will see more of her during the Rotary year.
On a more serious note, Michael spoke about Polio Plus, its beginnings happened here in  Australia and the important of immunisation.  Michael is asking every Club in the District to donate $1,500 to Polio Plus, but not out of our funds, but by getting the public involved.  "Purple Pinky" is the Campaign.....where we get local schools involved, set a date and visit schools and paint the little finger of every child who has been vaccinated for Polio and they donate a gold coin.  The school kids love getting involved.
A Malaria vaccination is on the horizon, again an Australian initiative, which over a couple of years will wipe out Malaria world-wide.  He spoke about the important of Organ Donation, how we need to give it serious thought, talk to our families and register consent.  It is recommended that Rotarians work on a 60-70% uptake for non-Rotarians. 
Michael spoke about The Rotary Foundation and how next year it celebrates 100 years.....the first donation was $23.60 and over the years has generated 4 Billion.   Rotarians need to be very proud of the Foundation, it is Rotary's Charity and all monies are used for humanity world wide.
Next Week 8th August:  Club Assembly, I look forward to a large attendance as there is a lot to discuss.  Board Meeting 5.30pm at the Tavern, thanks.
Sadly, I have yet to work out how to put photos in.....I am learning I hope!!
Yours in Rotary,