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2017 Upper Coomera ANZAC Day March & Service is again hosted by The Rotary Club of Coomera Valley.  There are some changes to the program this year as a result of the damage to the John Muntz Causeway and the development on the corner near the cenotaph.  Details can be found on the Rotary Club of Coomera Valley Facebook page or click on the photo .....


On the 6th of May 2016 Blake William Neal was diagnosed with cancer at the very young age of 10 months old. A Rhabdomyosarcoma measuring 9 x 12cm was found in his abdomen.
Blake is currently undergoing a 42 week treatment plan which includes chemotherapy, surgery and radiation at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. He is kicking cancers butt and doing it with a fighting smile on his little face!
On Sunday the 11th of September, a walkathon was conducted  to raise funds to support Blake and his parents Kylie and Chris Neal with the ever growing medical costs .

Over 150 community members attended thanks to the hard work of Sarah Hurley and her team and the marketing on  facebook .
The days was fine and sunny and the Rotary BBQ which used Cr William Owen-Jones Div. 2 BBQ trailer made the event even better.  The day raised $5117.00 - $500 of which was donated by our Club on behalf of the Nucrush Good Neighbour Program.
Members Des Lacy, Tony Line  and Jane Padden worked the BBQ selling over 400 sausages some of which were kindly donated by Crime Stoppers Northern Gold Coast.  Members Cr William Owen-Jones and Mark Boothman MP  attended to participate in the walk.  Mark decided not to walk when he found out that it was a 4 k minimum !! HA HA!

The timing for the walk was perfect with September being childhood cancer awareness month.  Everyone turned up in the colour gold/yellow and with the blue marquee it looked like a Rotary event.   What a great day and a great result.  Thank you members for your support and a big thank you to the Nucrush Good Neighbour program for the donation.  Your ongoing support was highlighted in the presentation speech by member Des Lacy.

Welcome to Rotary Year 2016-2017................ "Rotary Serving Humanity".  
Our Change-Over on the 9th July what a great night, two Paul Harris Fellow's awarded......Susan Martienz: Oxenford & Coomera Community Youth Centre and One of our Own, Kerry Dunn.  Both well deserving recipients.  Thank you to all who stepped up as Board Members for this Rotary Year, your help, support and assistance I very much appreciate.  Thanks to Debbie and her Staff from the Tavern who as always, served an excellent meal.  I would like to thank PDG Douglas Geekie and his wife Suzanne for their attendance and Douglas's response to the 'Toast to Rotary International' ably presented by PP Des Lacy.  Thank you to PP Tony Lines showing his talent as an excellent MC.  Heartfelt thanks to Jane Padden who prepared the Table Decorations.  They were amazing and certainly Rotary themed.  Thanks also to Shirley Stamford for procuring the thank you gifts for Suzanne Geekie and Mareece McElhinney.  Our major Raffle Prize;  thanks goes to Tony Lines and Management from the Four Theme Parks for their generosity and willingness to donate.
Monday 18th July:  Andy Rajopake, District Director for Membership, PR, Media held our attention listening to his excellent presentation on membership, retention, mentoring, lively meetings and the upcoming 'All Queensland Multi District Membership and PR Summit being held on Sunday 21st. August.  His enthusiasm is catching and I am sure we all came away with many new ideas.
Monday 1st. August:  DG Michael Irving and Roz visited us.  Michael had us in fits of laughter showing off the various head-wear he had been presented with from early Club visits....even Roz was presented with a small Tara.  Our AG Lea Rickwood also attended and I am sure we will see more of her during the Rotary year.
On a more serious note, Michael spoke about Polio Plus, its beginnings happened here in  Australia and the important of immunisation.  Michael is asking every Club in the District to donate $1,500 to Polio Plus, but not out of our funds, but by getting the public involved.  "Purple Pinky" is the Campaign.....where we get local schools involved, set a date and visit schools and paint the little finger of every child who has been vaccinated for Polio and they donate a gold coin.  The school kids love getting involved.
A Malaria vaccination is on the horizon, again an Australian initiative, which over a couple of years will wipe out Malaria world-wide.  He spoke about the important of Organ Donation, how we need to give it serious thought, talk to our families and register consent.  It is recommended that Rotarians work on a 60-70% uptake for non-Rotarians. 
Michael spoke about The Rotary Foundation and how next year it celebrates 100 years.....the first donation was $23.60 and over the years has generated 4 Billion.   Rotarians need to be very proud of the Foundation, it is Rotary's Charity and all monies are used for humanity world wide.
Next Week 8th August:  Club Assembly, I look forward to a large attendance as there is a lot to discuss.  Board Meeting 5.30pm at the Tavern, thanks.
Sadly, I have yet to work out how to put photos in.....I am learning I hope!!
Yours in Rotary,

Invitation to Changeover

I would love to see you all at our changeover on the 9 July at the Arundal Tavern.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year as president of our club and hope you will all assist me to make it a very prosperous year for our community.
Warren Edwards, son Adam and I completed the Brissie to Bay 50Km ride for multiple sclerosis on Sunday morning. With a storm looming many dropped out of the race fearing safety in the rain. With over 6000 registered riders it was a great turnout with $1.3m and counting has been raised. A great effort by the organisers and an excellent result for the charity.
To us it looked like all 6000 turned up. More importantly, although the road was wet, it did not rain.
Between us we raised $1255 for the charity.

People are typically diagnosed in their twenties and thirties and the average age of diagnosis is just 30 years old. Interestingly, three times more women are affected by MS than men and it is more common in cooler climates.

In Australia, more than 23,000 people have MS and this figure is increasing as diagnosis methods become more advanced.

MS Queensland facilitates programs and support for people with MS including a range of residential facilities, social support programs, accommodation support services, attendant care in private homes, involvement with regional centres and country link programs. These services are vital in order to maintain the independence and dignity of people with MS.

The Australian Anti Ice Campaign offers education and prevention awareness programs designed to target the Australian epidemic of ICS (Metamphetamine). 
Andrea Simmons, a former ICE addict has a real passion for preventing others being persuaded as she was to take Ice.
He talk was thought provoking and provided a real sense of the extent of the problem and a path to assist the community effectively battle the problem.
Much discussion has occurred since the event and we thank Andrea and Peter Watkins for their presentation and the efforts that are making to expand the knowledge of this developing problem.
As a long term member of the Rotary Club of Coomera Valley, it was good to get a full breakdown of Rob Stanford personal and business stories.
Involved heavily in the construction of much of the Gold Coast marine infrastructure, Rob's presentation shared his involvement in many of the well known projects inlacing the Seaward monorail, Southport Yacht Club Marina, Bayview Harbour, Couran Cove, Spit Sand Pumping Operations, Fishermans Co-Operative and Marine Mirage to name just a few. He was also able to provide considerable detail on the various equipment purchased and manufactured to undertake these significant projects.
Robs family attended in number and everyone gained knowledge from the evening.
We are proceeding with the development of the CV Childhood Intervention Trust.
We will shortly set up the company and apply for charitable and deductible gift status.
Although it is still very early days, we share the short overview below:

CV Childhood Intervention Trust

We may not always see their smiling faces or hear them laugh, but you will know that the funds we provide will be frugally distributed to best practice and innovative intervention programs.
Funding will take many children of all ages from the depths of sorrow, isolation and hardship to the point where they can develop a well-defined path to a life of confidence.
They are children coming from broken homes, victims of domestic violence and poverty; most with a horrible feeling of hopelessness.
The programs we support will identify vulnerable, socially isolated children and work with them to give these individuals a new outlook on life.
By identifying and addressing the problems as early as possible, costs remain relatively low. Without supporting these programs, many children will become a burden on our society and eventually cost communities much more through welfare, mental health detention and prison.
It is far better to spend a little now and help these children while it is not too late and not as costly.
Founded by members of the Rotary Club of Coomera Valley with access to Rotary members worldwide, the program is destined to become a significant movement and one that will undertake great change for the children of local communities worldwide.
Draft documents are also available outlining the framework of the trust and constitution. If you are interested I'd be happy to forward these.
The Raptei restaurant at Santa Barbara was the venue for our Mediterranean night this week. They provided great food that just kept coming. No-one left hungry and it's quite likely we may be back.
It was a chance to conduct the informal induction of Jaeneen Cunningham as a new member of the Rotary Club of Coomera Valley. Jaeneen was joined by her husband Paul and will make a great addition to our club with an abundance of community spirit and a very big heart.
We did confirm that a number of our members are participating in the CEO Sleepout to the benefit of the St Vincent de Paul Society on Thursday June 23rd at CBUS. Thanks, everybody for supporting this great organisation.
Tony Lines provided our members with an entertaining and very interesting presentation on his travels and tribulations at this weeks meeting. His life story has been dynamic and eventful with the development of his family and career. Thank you Tony for sharing your story with us.
Monday night was a great opportunity for our club members to get to know our Honorary Member, Cr Donna Gates - Division 1 Gold Coast. Donna holds many titles with the local council including Gold Coast Deputy Mayor. Donna was equally interesting and entertaining beyond her recent career telling her life story. From her early days in Melbourne she shared her many and varied experiences in the Radio and Hotel industries, working with Bert Newton, the Bee Jees, Ugly Dave Grey, Don Lane and many more. Her exciting life with husband, Bill Gates, her soon to be married son, Matt, and her rise to her many prominent positions within our growing community was inspiring. Thank you Donna for your time with our club.
With the invaluable support by Nucrush Good Neighbour Program, Bendigo Bank, Etairos, Village Roadshow and the Gold Coast City Council, we are now finalising the three new marquees for use at events including the Upper Coomera ANZAC Day Service, Carols in the Park, Relay for Life and the Nucrush Community Day. The new marquees will feature the latest art from Rotary International and offer recognisable branding while sharing the exposure with the organisations that continually support our community efforts. The mockups above indicate the new look. 
We were approached by the Coomera Valley Rural Fire Brigade for assistance in providing funds to complete an order to replace a damaged water hose real. They are expensive and essential so it needed a quick fix. The funds were provided from the Nucrush Good Neighbour Program.
District Conference saw our members in force with a Saturday night Hippy theme in a second level carpark in Murwillumbah. Tony and Jo stole the show with their well orchestrated outfits. Only true hippies at heart can do this so well.
This year we were all surprised with the large community attendance at the Upper Coomera ANZAC Day March and Service. With the centenary last year we can only assume that last years activities provided a flow on effect increasing numbers to greater than normal.
This was our second year for the Saint Stephen's Drum Line to participate and once again they received great applause both during the march and at the Cenotaph as marchers were seated. They provided a few excellent pieces and drew significant attention with their well rehersed movements.
The weather played an important role this year with only a hint of rain and a cool breeze to make a very comfortable environment for ann  in attendance. The following image was taken by a member at the very end of the event after everything was packed away. Beautiful.
We owe many thanks to our supporters including but not limited to the following:
Nucrush Good Neighbour Program
Cr William Owen-Jones, Division Two, GCCC
Coomera Valley Rural Fire Service
2/14 Light Horse Regiment
10 Army Cadet Unit, Gold Coast
Queensland Police Service- Coomera
Saint Stephen's College
Local Clergy
The Surfers Paradise Brass Band
All Occasion Party Hire
Action Print Services, Oxenford
The staff, students and families of local Primary and Secondary Schools
The 2/14 Light Horse Regiment came fully equipped and provided the perfect catafalque party.
Our BBQ area at Siganto Park proved to be a favorite for many families with the relaxing environment enjoyed with Rotary sausages and ice cream vendor.
Thank you to all our supporters, we congratulate the wide community for their participation.
In preparation for ANZAC Day our members were very pleased to have George Friend provide a talk on the Kokoda Track. George is passionate about keeping the story alive and well in the minds of all Australians and his knowledge was evident in his talk this past Monday night.
In the photo above our own Jane Padden shared some time with George to explain the presentation boards set up on the night which provided photos and stories from all those listed on the Upper Coomera Cenotaph.
These boards and additional materials will be displayed at the Reserve Road Community Hall on Monday before and following the march and ANZAC ceremony.
What a very busy week this has been with the Group Study Exchange (GSE) from District 7390 in Pennsylvania.
Special thanks to Des Lacy and Tony Lines whose efforts were amazing to say the least in organizing so many items for the GSE members.
in the photo below, Jen Dreyer, president of the Rotary Club of Coomera River and yours truly exchanged banners with the GSE members Christina Fultz, Zach Zimmerman, Jamie Arroyo, Natalee Colon and team leader, Hector Ortiz.
The presentation coincided with our special ANZAC meeting and this provide the team some exposure and understanding of the Australias ANZAC Day this coming Monday.
The above photo shows Hector with DG Anne Egan and DG Elect Michael Irving. Hector is a past DG from Pennsylvania and with Anne organised this GSE visit.
With visits to Seaworld, Movieworld, Paradise Country, and Rob Stanfords now famous train track, this team have enjoyed a great week and we all look forward to catching up with them at the District conference before they depart for home.
Thank you to all who attended this important meeting. We were able to address a number of corporate items and discuss the specific project for setting up a special purpose fund for early intervention. I was particularly impressed with the response from the club in supporting this project. If will not be a simple task and in fact may prove quite a challenge, however with the support indicated, I have little doubt we will make this impactful program a reality. Many thanks.
Fantastic food and good fellowship awaited us at the CYC update.
Margaret Spriggs provided a overview of the programs of the centre. Breda Grimley, the Family Support Coordinator for the CYC and Northern Gold Coast Communities for Children then provided more details on the programs delivered.
It is always amazing to hear of the reach and diversity of the programs provided by the CYC and its supporters and of the real benefits provided to people needing it the most.
District Governor, Anne Egan and Jeff Egan joined us to share the districts vision for the year. With the annual conference upon us, we were very pleased Anne and Jeff could join us.
Anne was born and grew up in Sydney in a family of 9. She attended Sydney University and holds Bachelor Degrees in Arts and Law. She has been a resident of Murwillumbah since 1980 where she and her husband Jeff (also a member of the Rotary Club of Mt Warning AM), who is also a Solicitor, established a legal practice. They have both practiced continuously in Murwillumbah since that time and both are accredited Specialists in their respective fields.
Anne provided some good insights into membership attraction and into the revised flexibility Rotary is providing club operations. We shared with Anne our plan for many of us to attend her upcoming conference and we do look forward to what looks to be a very well planned and exciting event.
We were privileged to have Declan and Angela Mackle join us at this weeks meeting to share with us a little about the workings of the Nucrush Quarry and of the Nucon Group. The meeting was held at the Oxenford Coomera Community Youth Centre which has been supported by the Nucrush Group Good Neighbor Programme for many years. The funds provided have made a huge impact on our community supporting programs and direct donations support to people in need. 
Declan's presentation included an interesting video of one of the 2 monthly blasts generating 100 plus tonnes of material for processing.
Annette Roth, from Bunnings put forward a request for our club to sponsor Cindy and employee and an individual very keen to support the Leukemia Foundation. Given the support we have received from Bunnings over the years we thought it good for Rotary to donate $500 to this cause and handed her a cheque on Saturday after her shave.
The cheque was organized by Rod Harmer and handed to Cindy by Martin Mankowski providing much emotion, a few tears and was very much appreciated.
Well done Cindy. You have touched our hearts.
At our meeting this week past president Des Lacy inducted Margaret Spriggs as a Paul Harris Fellow.
Margaret has supported our community in key roles including managing the Oxenford Coomera Community Youth Centre, with Lifeline Community Care Gold Coast and Gold Coast Communities for Children. Her efforts have made a significant impact on our community and for this the members of the Rotary Club of Coomera Valley are very grateful.
The commissioning of Martin and Kerry's newly completed pizza oven was successfully completed over the weekend. A 3 year project finalized with some amazing tastes and a few ales. Now we need to find an excuse to make use of this new resource.
Many thanks to our members helping out on Saturday 5th March. We were able to reorganize the shed making it possible to store Rotary gear. Our goal to make this a more convenient drop off and storage location for drinks and well used equipment. The shed is now very organized and will serve us well. It now has significantly more open space making it much easier to access and store all required including the bus with room for two if needed.
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